Why we rock

We are an ace money skills and information platform provider.

Let’s talk about money, shall we?

PesaSkills platform is a digital space that provides news, stories, information, trending topics regarding money. We are dedicated to supply you with relevant information about skills that can get you an extras source of income, investment information, small scale investment and business opportunities, technology, money skills. We are the one stop shop where you can get any information you are looking for that is directly or indirectly linked to money. 

Our team is made up of highly skilled researchers with rich experiences in the money related topics. We are just but the gurus. We go to the field and bring you all the well-researched and verifiable information like the boss you are. We got you!!

Our goal

Our chief goal is to create, share and provide information about money, market, and investment with our readers to empower them. We also seek to educate you and motivate you with the investment stories we narrate here, while sprinkling a little humor for entertainment.

The market section

This is the real market on our platform. Here, you will find information that is related to investment, skills on demand, relevant information about the small scale traders. This section will also market your products and services to our readers. We shall also inform you of the various marketing strategies that can boost your business performance and sometimes we can bring in a specialist in marketing to shower you with more information. Awesome, right?

Investing section

This is the section you will fall in love with. Here we shall inform you of the trending business and guess what since our connections and networking is large, we bring you opportunities. How cool is that?

Productivity section

We understand that sometimes we are just low on energy level and no amount of glucose can boost our energies. So guess what, our productivity section will give you information about Apps, software, strategies, tricks that helps you increase your business performance. We are the real plug. 


Our team members are excellent story tellers. In this section, they will bring you beautifully written stories of successful small, medium and large scale investors and isn’t that a good dose of motivation?

Personal Finance

We know by now with all the information that we have given you about marketing and investment, you now have money and lots of it. Now we shall now give you tips of how manage the money and how to track its usage.  The aim is to increase your wealth, not to waste it!